The Beginning…

So let’s start this party off right! My goal here is to let everyone in on my investment direction and decision making and post weekly updates as to how my portfolio is performing. I am using a Roth IRA account with Merrill Edge for this, and I would encourage any kind of retirement account to get started for you all!


Before We Get Started…

Why did I choose a Roth IRA? It uses after-tax money (which means you wont get taxed when you redeem it at your retirement age), and the dividend accrual and capital gains are tax free while they’re in there. If you were to receive income from investments in a standard investment account, you would have to report it come tax season. This is a great way to keep your money away from the governments hands and allow it to grow!



I’ll begin tracking as of today. The capital in my Roth IRA right now is $1010.02 as of this writing.

Investment Choices

  • GTLLX (Glenmede Large Cap)
  • KO (Coca Cola Company)
  • O (Realty Income REIT)
  • PFE (Pfizer Inc.)
  • SBUX (Starbucks)
  • SIR (Select Income REIT)
  • T (AT&T)
  • TGT (Target Corp)
  • WAPIX (Western Asset Core Bond Fund)

As you’ve probably guessed, that’s a lot of different companies to only have $1000 invested in. Some of these companies I have only a single share of, and that’s because I do not have to pay a commission fee per trade.

This is just a general look at what my portfolio looks like. I’ll be posting a more in depth look and a better looking chart in my next post. As you can see, I am not starting off with much. The amount you have in the account right now shouldn’t discourage you from opening an IRA, It’s a constant reminder of what your financial obligation is to your older self.

Hope to catch up with you all soon!



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